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Instruments that we receive and then either have no agreement to perform service or do not receive any payment for services performed within 90 days of receipt, will become the property of Low Key Music. we will gladly return any instrument within 90 days if you decide you do not want any service. The customer pays all return shipping costs.
Low Key Music
Instrument Repair & Restoration
Since 1995
When you send your instrument to us, you are agreeing to the terms listed below. Please read these terms and understand them before you ship it. Please communicate and ask questions before you send your instrument.
We make every effort to meet the estimated time and cost given at the time of evaluation. However, there can be delays that are out of our control. Our delivery time is not guaranteed so please make sure you have a backup instrument or time allocated for the repair.
We reserve the right to decline repair on any instrument for any reason including:
-Condition is too bad for the repair to be feasible.
-Inferior quality or manufacturer
-Instrument was received without prior authrization
-Instrument was mis-represented
If we decline repair, all return shipping charges are the responsibility of instrument owner.
Prompt payment for services is required or there will be storage fees added to the invoice. If an invoice is past due for 10 days , a storage fee of $5 per week will be accrued.
If you do not follow our packing instructions, including the use of proper materials, there will be a minimum $10 fee for return packaging.
In most cases, no deposit is due, but sometimes we will requst partial payment. Full payment is required before return shipping. We accept the following forms of payment: Money orders, Certified checks, Personal checks (held for 7 days), PayPal (2% fee). We only accept credit cards via PayPal. It's secure and reliable.