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Instrument Repair & Restoration
Since 1995


We offer a broad range of services for woodwind instruments. We limit our services to clarinets, flutes, and saxophones. We are very experienced with modern and vintage instruments. Vintage saxophones are one of our specialties. For more information click on the tab for vintage sax.
Minor Overhaul and Cleaning:
This is the most basic of services and typically should be performed every year. It begins with an inspection of the instrument to determine its overall condition and to determine what is needed to get it playing properly. The inside of the body is cleaned. The key mechanisms are cleaned and oiled. Pads, corks and felts are replaced as required. All action is adjusted and regulated for playability.
Major Overhaul and refinishing:
This is the complete package including everything to make your instrument look and play as close to new as possible. It includes a thorough cleaning and polishing. Wood clarinets get oil treatment. Clarinet keys are polished or re-plated. Flutes can be re-plated if required. Sax keys are polished or re-plated. Sax finishes include polished brass with clear or gold tinted lacquer, matte bead blast finish with or without polished accents, silver plated in polished or matte. All wear items are replaced such as pads, felts, corks, and springs if required. Everything is setup and adjusted and play tested.

All instruments require different services to get them back into top shape. Some instruments may require special services such as crack repair, hinge rod fabrication, etc. We also offer engraving services to restore original patterns or to add custom engraving to your saxophone. We offer pad options such as roo pads and premium flute or clarinet pads.
We use top quality pads and materials. We are extremely careful with buffing saxophones so as not to ruin engraving or to thin the metal. We pay attention to the details required to deliver a quality job that will exceed your expectations. We will give you an honest recommendation for what is best for your instrument.