We offer a broad range of services for brass instruments. Although we service most types of instruments, we limit our internet customers to trumpets, cornets, and trombones. The main reason for this is the risk and cost of shipping large brass instruments.
Minor Overhaul and Cleaning:
This is the most basic of services and typically should be performed every year. It begins with a thorough chemical cleaning to remove slime, scale, and corrosion from the inside. Minor dent work is included and up to one solder repair.
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Instrument Repair & Restoration
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Major Overhaul and refinishing:
This is the complete package including everything to make your instrument look and play as close to new as possible. It includes a thorough cleaning and polishing. Minor and major dent work is included and required solder repairs. The body is aligned and all slides are adjusted. Finishes include polished brass with clear or gold tinted lacquer, matte bead blast finish with or without polished accents, silver plated in polished or matte. All wear items are replaced such as felts, corks, and springs.

All instruments require different services to get them back into top shape. Some instruments may require special services like valve plating and fitment, trombone slide plating, mouthpipe replacement, replacement parts installed. We also offer engraving services to restore original patterns or to add custom engraving to your instrument.
There are many shops that do restoration and refinishing of instruments, however the level of quality is not the same. We are extremely careful with buffing so as not to ruin engraving or to thin the metal. We pay attention to the details required to deliver a quality job that will exceed your expectations. Refinishing may not be recommended for certain instruments. We will give you an honest recommendation for what is best for your instrument.
Before major overhaul and refinishing
After major overhaul and refinishing